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    Water: fall, fell, jumped , drown,

    Going to the page without registering as a guest , you can get acquainted with the topic of falling into the water , rescue, drowning. This topic devoted a whole page . Read all learn a lot of possible nuances of your dreams , especially if you are alarmed
    . If the dreamer - woman
    Typical dream: 1) Do you dream that you or another woman fall into the water, jump into the water or into the water (but not with a view to drown ) - a desire to become a mother ( to give birth ) . Matters in which the color of the water fell , what you see around you , what experience emotions. If the water is clean , warm, summer or spring around the picture, you easily and well . So the prospect of the most favorable . If the water is dark, muddy, disturbing you , then give birth you want, but have a health problem . Consult a physician .
    Example: A woman dreaming that " it goes through the dark forest (it pubic vegetation) , sees the lake. Water muddy brown. She enters the water , muddy bottom , ( entering the lake, into the water as the desire to give birth, and turbidity, sliminess , dark - not too favorable prognosis .) she swims and sees flowers and colored children , one of them she wants uspokoit.No it separates from the child some power . " The second part of the dream repeats desire and it is expressed more explicitly , (flower - a female body , and again there is no possibility to perform desired ) . And although in reality a woman believes, that a career does not allow her to give birth, and have a health problem , which can be an obstacle when it mind to it .
    If the water which fell , jumped , dove , got cold , ice around the autumn or even winter . Dreaming said late or later come to bear . You anxious because you ( your unconscious ) to assess the prospects to give birth.
    Search term : " Swim in warm water , and around the ice." Interpretation: Ice says " late" to give birth , probably quite a few years, the dreamer , or she perceives his age . Somebody believes that 30 years later , and someone in the 60 's real. Warm, clean water, good , happy mood are promising , health permits . Maybe the dream is connected with an actual event associated with a dip on the warm waters in the winter. As in Kamchatka on the thermal waters . Snow and ice around and in the pool outdoor hot.
    From the search query : "Seeing the fallen woman in ice water ." Interpretation: It is worth repeating that what happens to a woman unknown to you (if a woman has a dream ) , deals specifically with you, that you are the woman , and despite the desire to give birth , you have the most doubts about the possibility to do it. Painting and there was ice cold in the dream can create and lack of warmth , or really sleeping at the moment it was cold. In the interpretation of the dream should be considered a lot of nuances .
    Seasons ( spring, summer, autumn, winter) is not uncommon in dreams can represent a person's age ( childhood, adolescence, adulthood , old age ) or concepts ( " early" , " Time" , " late" ) , and what abounds art ( literature, painting , etc.).
     In the picture Alfred Kubin this desire is accompanied by a sense of morbid fear, nightmare. Fear in this case speaks of forbidden desire. That is, its execution causes a strong resistance to the dream of consciousness and , moreover indicates the presence of an illness . Fall, and you can dive into a swamp , and a viscous goo , and a manhole cover , and even a crack in the pavement, filled with water ( but do not drown ) . All of this , unfortunately, says: "no" health problems do not give you birth ..
    Another example of a terrible dream : "War episode. Two people on the bank of the river decided to destroy their weapons , machine guns set on fire. Their boat sailing towards the enemies . On another boat a few girls . Another boat with a woman and child. Enemies accompany girls and a woman . Who something called out to them : " Jump and swim towards sailors ." someone in the crowd will be able to escape. dreamer feels fear . Girls jumped into the water . woman with a child can not be saved , sits in the boat. Ashore visible sailors . Goes shooting, bullet bubbling on the surface. diving in the water head girls , they swam towards sailors . " Interpretation : Presented a few thoughts , desires : 1) the desired sex scene girls, aggressors with guns , bullets on the water , and 2) at the same time , the lack of sex drive - burned machines , and 3) the desire to have : a girl leaping into the water - their heads swaying on the water - seamen saviors , and 4) the inability to have a woman in a boat - and jump into the water to escape , and 5) a lot of girls , the enemies , the Mariners - a lot of people - it means secret ( secret desire ) . 6) Fear is a real feeling . Sleeping feels unwell . Conclusion: there is a secret desire to give birth , but the outlook is not favorable.
     The child comes into the water , the child out of the water , the child splashing in the water, diving is thought of childbirth. Desire to give birth . Child can swim in the bathtub and basseyne.Primer : " The dreamer of the dream went to visit and saw a child snorkel and wetsuit swims laps ( as she put it in the " spacesuit " ) in the bath, in one direction , then the other ( back and forth , back and forth ) . " Interpretation: The child , who was in visiting the dreamer , dream caused representing the desire to have . Bath is a belly (womb). 4) Man rescued from water ( child pulled out of the water) , you are saving someone pull out of the water - it's a fantasy about childbirth again , the desire to give birth.
    Bible : The Story of the birth of Moses , " Pharaoh's daughter ... ... saw the basket among the reeds ( by the river ) ... opened it, saw the child ... had compassion on him ... and he became her son " ( Exodus 2:1-8 Byblos ) . Here also must pay attention to what you see around you : spring, summer , heat, joy , then the prospects for most blagopriyatnye.No autumn, winter, cold , ice, anxiety - and you want on an unconscious level and assess their capabilities , as unpromising .
    In Russian folk tales are not uncommon , when a childless couple makes a baby out of the river , floating or lying on the river bank in a cradle or basket. That in the language of symbols means : they gave birth .
    Example dreams leads Artemidorus : " A woman dreamed seven cots are floating in the water " and she really gave birth over the years to seven children.
     The woman makes a man out of the water : Example: " the dreamer said , calling the man by name, ( she does not remember how) that he was drowning in cold water. Winter. General, he is known for inappropriate behavior ( according to someone ) . Runs save him partly it has got out of the water. dreamer pulled him up . Someone said that it should be massage. Massage his back , as once someone known to her ..... Someone reported, that this man got to the police, because running naked , because wet clothes had to be removed . Sees him sitting in a cell with other nestled thin blanket . " Interpretation: The dreamer wishes to give birth to it from that person. Will suggest a number of whom has a view of the unconscious. Winter and cold water make it questionable desire . Additional obstacle - "the man in the chamber with the other " - that is, removed, or he has another woman or a woman in her ( covered with a blanket) .
     Freud cites the example presented by A. Abraham : A young pregnant woman dreaming that " from one place to the floor in a dark room leads directly into the water channel ( generic way - embryonic water). It raises the hatch in the floor, and there appears ( emerges ) being in shaggy coat that resembles a seal . " That is a baby and childbirth may be symbolically represented in the dream and other salvaged or extended ( floats ) of water a living being (animal : dog ( puppy ) , cat (kitten ) , poultry ( chicken) , and others) .
    It should be noted that fairy tales , myths, religious texts, as well as children (not without the intervention of other children or parents ) convey to us the way people in the past and about other ways of appearance , a person's birth : fashioned from clay ( earth ), was excised from part of the body of the deity or person ( from the hip, rib ( Eve) or finger ), originated from grain , came from the flower ( found in cabbage, you can probably also be regarded as a flower) ; stork brought ; felled ( planed ) of wood , inflated by the wind , was the golden rain or other symbolic ways .
     My man swims and looks at other girls (women ) . Interpretation: Do you suspect that he has another woman and they have a chance of a child. Is it that you do not notice it ( looking the other way or as they say " on the side" ) .
     If the dreamer - man :
     Dreaming man about saving someone from the water - it means he wants to give new life . If a man makes a woman out of the water , so he wants to she gave birth . Wants for their rebirth, a new life. Perhaps he wants to recover.
     Saving water from the father ( mother) so want to have a child like the father (mother ) .Wants for their rebirth, a new life. Perhaps he wants to recover.
    If the desire (in this case to give birth ) is sustainable , and not a short flash, that dream in one form or another will be repeated until the desire not to be realized ( a recurring dream )
     According to the search query : " Hydra grabbed his wife ." Interpretation: An interesting play on words : The word is also Hydra and water ( this change of words heard throughout) . Fall in the water ( water capture ) is presented in the form of grasping " hydra " . Dreaming presented without details, without emotion the dreamer , so do not know, he wants her to bore or " drowned " (ie disappeared from his life ) .
    Attempt to prevent falling into the water , that is not save from the water , and saved from falling into the water - is : a) an attempt to prevent pregnancy, childbirth (if the water is not deep ), b) suicidal resistance (if assumed to great depths the possibility of drowning and dream causes fear or distress ) . c) try to prevent someone's death if deep ( c and height , often with the bridge , rocks , mountains).
    Common dreams : If a man dreaming strange man (or woman unknown woman ), the dream is so very sleeper.
    Swim in the water
    a) If the float calmly and with pleasure, desire , or may correspond to the notion of himself: " Swim like a fish in water." So feel confident ( or would feel ) yourself in some situation .
    b) Check to see whether you have a puddle . As a child in early childhood , which happened bedwetting can while dreaming that he swims in warm water.
     Sink in the water, drown, drown or see (or rather drowned ) someone else (the Son : "Drowned herself girl in the hatch " ) , drown yourself experiencing fear or horror is a self-punishment for the evil thoughts or actions , accompanied by physical illness in this night . Or even wish not to be born , "Oh, why I was born ? Oh, why me naked ? " Affects : Cry, fear, suffering in a dream is real (real ) feelings, sensations . Desire or idea presented in a symbolic , ( encrypted) form , and suffering, tears , fear is real ( feelings) . Mother parents me back. In India, the river , symbolizing the womb of the mother , gives rise to life, and it also takes back the dead . I think you know that in India, the remains of the deceased is lowered river. Drowned herself , interpreted as a desire to return to the womb
    a) from intolerable for mental problems at the moment , or
    b) as a self-punishment for aggressive strong wish someone. Their main reason - hatred and wish evil to any particular person . But , due to the inability of the desired ( out of love for this man , education, do not have access to this person or that person is much stronger prevent shyness or other reasons ) , causes the evil itself . You think that you can not live without and want to make it an unhappy love affair . But in reality , already hate and evil desires. Based attempts to harm themselves is always hate to someone else. So whether or not to make rash act for the sake of the person you already hate . In the olden days it was the custom of the Chuvash hung up at the gates of the oppressor, the enemy. A similar method of revenge existed among Chinese and residents of the Gold Coast . So they destroyed the offender. Think about it and do not get excited . Deal with organic disease , and will leave a terrible dream , or
    c) Your unconscious wants to implement something not allowed by your consciousness. And so on do not let that scare you mind for that death. And as you dream that you are drowning , it is considered that as if you are in a dream fulfilled their desire ( to give and punishment ) . To invalid escaped from the unconscious in the dream , it requires an existing fear (caused by disease ) . As in Example reducible Freud : The man had a secret sexual relationship with a woman and had a strong suspicion, that she could get pregnant , it scared him . " In the dream he was arrested , as if for the murder of a child. " That is, despite the fact that the plot of bad dreams and even scary, it is based on the fulfillment of desire - no child ( child will not, she is not pregnant ) .
     Whether they should be like . There is a saying : If you have the power to "run " ( of life, mental anguish ) means there are forces and " fight " ( for the realization of their desires, not aggressive course). Remember , trying to kill yourself, you simultaneously kill not only enemies, but also their loved ones.
    If, during the dream of drowning you did not feel fear, grief or other painful sensations , then there are no evil wishes neither myself nor other. Some other thought, desire .
    As a special case . So that the dream can represent the theme: for example a) a cake with a "nice " name like "a drowned men" or anything like that .b) Some construction timber called " snag " . c)Cars had been in the water during floods and imported from Europe in the country is called the " drowned " .d)Student says, " all I drowned . " or " I'm drowning " means failed the exam , but not blame yourself, teacher.
    e) You can tell the employee what some office, losing a job, or has not received promotion. " I'm stoked . " "I was drowned . " He believes that it is the machinations colleagues . Dreaming is not accompanied by heavy emotions affects, does not have anything bad in themselves .
    According to the search query : " Falling into deep water ." If the dream is accompanied by fear , horror , then this is equivalent to the above presented the concept of " sink ." That is a lot to be himself to die as punishment for evil desire , and maybe what that behavior. If this drop is not accompanied by fear and indifference or joy , this desire is not associated with the evil wishes of yourself or drugomu.kartina Alfred Kubin
    If someone fell into deep water : You can match the expression : " How vanished into thin air ." So people had disappeared , can not find . If you do not cry at the same time , do not suffer . So just want it gone somewhere ( moved left for another job , etc. ) And if you cry , feel some distress means to want to die , or rather disappeared completely from your " horizon " .
     According to the search query : "I sank another person ." Interpretation: 1) if you are experiencing this fear or deep sadness , crying - it is you want someone ( to whom drown ) death.
    If you dream that drowns or fired by an unknown woman (if it is a dream woman ), the dream portrays itself Dreamwalker (see para 10 - sink ) . A man can dream unknown man . In the dream is not rare that happens to the dreamer , is represented by another person. Do not need to drown himself or others. Life is far too short, to reduce the heat of the moment . Fear is , moreover , a sign of physical ailments . Cure disease " sores " loose and nightmares.
     If sleep was not accompanied by fear, suffering or sorrow - is symbolically represented by the " domestic production " expression: a) The desire for someone to "drown " (or fear that you " drown " ) , that is not worthy competitor to remove methods use compromising , " substitute " and so on. b) There is an expression of the drivers " drown " or " imbedded ", which means to add speed , go fast , and in a dream, such a call will be presented as someone trying to drown (but such an interpretation is only suitable for someone who enjoys such expression , or even knows) .
    The child drowned , or drowned see children (if a lot of people dream of , in this case children ) , then it is a secret desire (thought ) . The crowd is always the opposite - that is the secret.
    a) The reluctance of the child was born ( that is, that he did not come out of the birth of water ) . Perhaps regret that you have had a baby ( you would not want him to be born ) . Dreaming in this case is accompanied by a painful feeling of sorrow and fear . This is not a dream villain , because during pregnancy is not uncommon because of the simple life situation not in doubt . And born , though loved and wanted children , to educate is not easy. And someone thinks or says in minutes grief or rashly : " Why am I her (his ) mother? " Here's your unconscious brought him back ( " gave birth to back " ) .
    b) Drowned child may be the subject - deceased child . Example: "Dream . Deceased child was drowned. " That is in addition confirms sleeping dream that the child died . How I would go back into the water , went back to where once floated ( from the birth of water ) .
    c) see drowned child is can be thought about and unborn child , for whatever reason (it's not out of the water , that is not born ) . Not successful birth abortion . The same dream: "The child drowned in the bathtub, " - So not born . Bath water is " belly " (womb). The child came out of the womb, is not born . Do not want to be born (or do not want to become pregnant.)
    If the dream was not accompanied by fear, tears , did not cause grief , the above-said to him not to treat , expressed some other thought, is not associated with causing harm to anyone or to the theme of death.
     Do symbolic action " ducking - out of the water " very deep roots . Even in the sacrament of baptism : immersion in the baptismal font ( or river ) - symbolizes death , and out of the water - the revival (birth) , or rather a new birth . Some people still have the ancient rituals , mysteries of death and rebirth . Usually this happens when a boy ( boy ) is converted into a society of men (initiation ) . Or a person lived long among strangers and now returned to his clan, tribe , India ( Papua New Guinea) . He held a symbolic ritual of death and rebirth. Baptism is one of those rituals.
     According to the search query : "The fall in the puddle " is equivalent to the expression: " Sit down in a puddle ," " flop down in a puddle ." Falling out of the blue this topic wrong or reprehensible act. At the same time " to sit in a puddle " means to be wrong in his actions or statements and because of this fall in an awkward position . " Sit down in a puddle " can and in the everyday , and scientifically , and in other ways . That is how a person expresses dreamed awake is important. That is the meaning can be seen immediately in the phrase . Example: " man dives into a pool and swims . " That is, it "floats in a puddle, " - means is in a disadvantageous situation for themselves , can not cope with things. The dreamer is not respectful to him relates ( or to itself if the dream of a stranger ) . And if the dreamer on the other describes the situation : " I fell under me and I had water soak " ie committed a reprehensible act and " damped " reputation.
    Dream: " to save the person from the pool and she fell back . " If the pool is not deep , that is to swim in it is not possible , and really dirty . Means maintaining a relationship with someone who got into disgrace , delinquent employee or neighbor (can and slander ) , you are afraid that you can also get to the accused ( rogue ) . People are always afraid of such situation.
     If the pool is deep and you swim there , then someone in the company would like to give birth. Alien example of " contagious ."
     There are well-known expression in Russia , which can be represented in this dream , " wet" , " wet work ." And if you dreamed it would seem like a harmless scene , but you feel fear or sorrow, suffering , the dream depicts the idea related to the theme of murder.
     The fall in the water machine should be seen as a concept : "Accident" (see " accident")
    By car, fall into the water -
    a) means to create around you feel the situation as desperate . Feel powerless . Does not affect the possibility of the danger arose . But it's just your subjective feelings , we often exaggerate everything . Reality may not be as abysmal .
    b) possible another option: There is an expression in drivers " drown " or " imbedded ", which means to increase the speed to go faster , but in the dream , such an appeal ( " Marsh ... Marsh ..." or " come on, imbedded .. . " can be represented in the form of attempts to drown someone or something (but this interpretation is only suitable for someone who enjoys such an expression , or even knows) .
     Fear of falling into the water in the dream: a) the fear of giving birth , and b) as a fear of drowning , you have a fear of suicidal impulses as self-punishment for the evil thoughts , evil wishes drugomu.I suicidal urges and it's all on the level of the unconscious during sleep. A painful sensation ( fear) caused resistance , resistance from the consciousness of such impulses .
     " Suddenly I was a huge wave swept ." We are not seldom say "I was " flooded " and then something ( memory , sadness and so on ). Or we can say :" I am overwhelmed sense of shame (or fear) . " Dreaming figuratively represents some uncontrollable avalanche development feelings, sensations , desires . It has value and what you felt after surging waves you : 1) if the fear , then some unacceptable for you desire scares you with its apparent uncontrollability ; (possibly suicidal ), 2) if you feel pain, nausea from both the carousel , then have a health problem , and 3) may end sexual discharge, then so  sexual desire.
    Someone or something floating away from you, swims past you , passes by you. This dream represented a figurative expression " and was splyl " you missed something or someone missed some opportunity . Thing or person, depending on what floated away . Sometimes say " just floated away from his hands. " Example: An excerpt from a long dream , " Dark ... A man stands on the banks of the river from which the barge sails away . He tried to even touch a finger to things lying there . Barge drifted slowly ... "
    Interpretation: The day before he was going to buy these things . But decided to think . Embarrassed price . And when thought up and came into the store , these things were no longer there . In this he was disappointed , as specifically went after them. Darkness also reinforces the notion of " late" , later recollected missed , " floated away from the hands " ( picked up by someone else ) .
    For each character voiced by several values ​​( there may be others not shown here) with the expectation that you will not passively accept the information and actively participate in the interpretation of dreams .
    Familiarize yourself with the options of your interpretation of characters , try to remember and understand in connection with which they could dream of you , and given symbols. For example presented here , in reality if you notice a scratch on his body or stain on clothes , you do start to remember where, when or how could this happen . Iterate in mind all the possible options . The same should apply and to dream.
    NOTE : This note should be to each character . It is not always possible to accept these images as symbols , they can simply be captured in memory pictures drawn with as a background against which develop other more important events . For example: to swim is just swim. Necessary to consider all the complex. What thoughts , feelings and memories they call you . IMPORTANT POINT : Based on the experience of analytical psychology ( Freud ) , if the object does not dreamed of associations (ie, does not occur to any thoughts in connection with it ) , it can be interpreted as a symbol . It's certainly not an axiom. Since the association may not be available due to the strong resistance of censorship ( consciousness). Some people claim that they never see again, it's not just censorship instantly erases them, do not allow the consciousness (too strict censorship or too harmful desires) . Write, understand .
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